Wednesday, March 14, 2012

POST Natal Hooping!

Ask most hoopers, they will tell you the benefits of hooping: inexplicable feelings of bliss! and oh yeah, that trimmer waistline, more sculpted arms.... It's one of those sneaky workouts where you don't limp out of a gym fitness class or lose buckets of water weight in sweat. But consistently, over time, hooping has helped me maintain my muscle tone that I've developed through rock climbing, surfing, and guiding backpacks around California. Yeah, Hooping has actually stood up to all of that. No joke.

So, after having my daughter last year via C-section, I wasn't too sure how the body was going to bounce back. Especially my core. I did hoop during my pregnancy, which you can see here... As I make consistent playdates with my hoop, it doesn't fail to give back as I see my abs reemerging. I'm not in any rush. I embrace my new momma curves, but it's nice to know I've got a great, round friend to embrace me when I need to de-stress, to take some time for myself, and to not think about anything or anyone else for a few minutes. Oh yeah, and knowing that each hooping session gets me closer to those abs I know are in there!

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