Wednesday, March 14, 2012

POST Natal Hooping!

Ask most hoopers, they will tell you the benefits of hooping: inexplicable feelings of bliss! and oh yeah, that trimmer waistline, more sculpted arms.... It's one of those sneaky workouts where you don't limp out of a gym fitness class or lose buckets of water weight in sweat. But consistently, over time, hooping has helped me maintain my muscle tone that I've developed through rock climbing, surfing, and guiding backpacks around California. Yeah, Hooping has actually stood up to all of that. No joke.

So, after having my daughter last year via C-section, I wasn't too sure how the body was going to bounce back. Especially my core. I did hoop during my pregnancy, which you can see here... As I make consistent playdates with my hoop, it doesn't fail to give back as I see my abs reemerging. I'm not in any rush. I embrace my new momma curves, but it's nice to know I've got a great, round friend to embrace me when I need to de-stress, to take some time for myself, and to not think about anything or anyone else for a few minutes. Oh yeah, and knowing that each hooping session gets me closer to those abs I know are in there!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Study shows that yoga does help soothe fibromyalgia pain!

here's the link: yoga sooths fibromyalgia

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hoopdance Workshop in March!

Hooping Workshop with Steph

Sunday, March 11 - 12-1:15pm Do you need to clear your mind of that monkey chatter and clutter? Hooping can shift you out of your old way of thinking into something new and exciting. Life is all about fun, play and doing something energetic now and then! Give Hooping a Try and come laugh with us!

Price: $10 or use your class card

New prenatal series starting this Sunday!

Prenatal Yoga San Clemente Yoga Prenatal Yoga Workshop (5 Series) - A workshop designed in 5 parts especially for expectant mothers to restore vital energy resources and nurture the bond with their babies. In each 90 minute session we will learn breathing techniques that help calm the body and mind, easing the stress sometimes experienced during this time. We move through a very soothing and grounding sequence of supported asanas (postures) to help relieve the pain and fatigue associated with pregnancy. Connect deeper with your baby and enjoy the community of like-minded moms-to-be as you strengthen and prepare your body for childbirth. Workshop is suitable for all levels. Five sessions: Sunday Feb 12 and 26 10:30am-Noon; Saturday March 3, 10, & 17 4:30-6pm. Early Bird saves you $25 when you register by 2-5-12; after February 5, price is $125.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Yoga for fibromyalgia

 Recently, my private yoga sessions have been geared toward individuals with low back pain, hip pain, and fibromyalgia.

I have heard many, many times how much yoga helps bring relieve to these conditions.

If you are new to yoga, or your doctor or chiropractor has prescribed yoga to help you, you are welcome to connect with me to set up a private session in your home. You deserve to find relief from pain!

The link below provides some excellent information if you are dealing with fibromyalgia.

 You deserve to find relieve from pain!

Embrace your anger or irritations with loving kindness

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, our thoughts this month can turn to matters of the heart and of love. In the spirit of satva yoga, or service, any action, when done with intention, can be an act of love. For instance, a smile at a stranger passing on the street can mean more to that person that you might ever know.  On a personal note, we love our home and are so grateful to live by the ocean. However, seeing cigarette butts on the sidewalk or trash on the beach can really bum me out sometimes and feel that fire of anger rising up that someone might be hurting our earth through litter. But, in the spirit of loving kindness, I've been practicing looking at that litter as an opportunity: an opportunity to show love to this beautiful beach town just by simply picking up that piece of plastic or cigarette with an attitude of love. It makes a huge difference to how I feel. So, in instances where you may feel anger or frustration at a loved one or a situation out of your control, try shifting your thinking to a mindset of love. As individuals, as we embrace more and more actions with love, we have a cumulative effect on those around us, subtly helping others to do the same.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Prenatal Yoga starting October

Introducing Prenatal Yoga classes

starting Tuesdays this Fall, 2010.

This 5 week series begins
October 17th through November 16th.
$75 for the series.

at Bliss Yoga
312 N Coast Highway 101
Encinitas, CA 92024
(760) 632-8330

Come study with Stephanie Zito, RYT. I am also on my own journey through pregnancy and look forward to sharing in this special time along with you.

This 5 week series is for all levels of yogis, from beginner through advanced. In this flowing class, we will connect to the wisdom of your body. Moving through the chakras, we will develop personal mantras to help you access your inner strength and wisdom.

In this series, you will connect to your inner strength and wisdom as a woman. Through breathing practices, you will learn how to enter a state of deep relaxation as you prepare for giving birth.

Pregnancy can be a powerful and empowering experience. We will explore mechanisms for coping with pain, so that we develop courage and confidence in our body's natural ability to embrace the birthing process.

We will condition muscles essential for the birthing process and help strengthen upper body muscles helpful after giving birth for maintaining good spinal posture when caring for your baby.

I look forward to sharing in the journey with you.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, Oct 12th to reserve your spot.
Call Stephanie Zito @ 949-485-0727
or email